Behind the Designs - May Launch

May Launch

If you are a regular customer, there have probably been times where you opened up the long-awaited launch announcement email and said "that's a cool design, but what does it mean?"

Today we will be diving into the creative process behind some of our designs for our May Launch. I will give you guys some insider info on the meaning of the artwork that makes our shirts so unique (well... besides the Bar Grip).

We always strive to create apparel and equipment that is not only aesthetic, but functional as well! That is why we focus on adding features that serve more than one purpose. Just think about the Bar Grip on the back of the shirts for benching and squatting, the clip on the side of the squat shorts for your keys and double loops on the wrist wraps so you can wrap them just the way you like it!

With our shirt design we not only aim to relate to the powerlifting and strength sports but to also motivate athletes to become their best selves in training and in life! We try to stay at an equilibrium between the incognito look of a small logo on the chest and poppy and colorful intricate designs like Chaos.

With this said, let's dive into our May collection.


Let's just say... our last launch had too many black shirts, so we decided to spice things up a bit with this beautiful cream/sand colored fabric. We paired it with the bright red Bar Grip and small chest logo and - boom! - you have a perfect summer gym tee!


We have always liked geometrical designs and wanted to create simple design that communicated a lot with simplicity. This is how the Vertex tee was born. The circles represent unity and wholeness and three corners of the triangles connect the spirit, mind and body. 

Clean Teal

Functionality is the key! Some of you guys loved the Clean design because it helped you grip the bar for front squats and cleans, so we have decided to bring it back in teal color.

Strongman Red

Strongman loved this patterned front grip design for lifting stones and log presses. So we added some color into the mix for some of our adventurous strongmen and strongwomen who want to stand out!


When we first released the Gnarly Bear design, it was a huge hit. For those of you who remember the original Gnarly Bear I salute you for being such a loyal customer. But if you not familiar, Gnarly Bear was one of our first designs that included more than an A7 logo on the chest. The design featured a line drawing of a fierce bear head. This was more of a creative project that I took on to test my Illustrator skills. It took about 60 hours to complete, but, boy, did it looked amazing on a shirt!

The word "Gnarly" by itself means twisted, dangerous and challenging. This world perfectly reflects the sacrifices you make to become a better athlete every day. The path can be intense and twisted sometimes, but you always work towards victory. In this design, we were able to weave the words 'gnarly' and 'knurling' together to reflect the sacrifices you made in your fitness journey.



This is one of our all-time favorite designs! It combines so many colors and shaped into one unified look. This design is our take on the Aztec calendar, which is an ancient almanac that set the dates for certain religious rituals. In many ways you can connect this design back to strength sports as we all have our own lifting rituals we like to follow.

Stronger Women's Crop

We always aim to become better every day and this crop reflects this desire to become the best version of yourself. Every day you make sacrifices to become 'stronger than before'. The teal color is a great spring color and the front print matches the Bar Grip and the hem tag.

Lily Women's Crop

We wanted to introduce a new color exclusively for women for a while and light purple just looked so smooth and feminine. This is definitely one of my favorite designs from this launch.



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